Scared to Try a Green Smoothie? This One is All About the Toppings.

(Image credit: Vanille Verte)

Sometimes it’s hard to get excited about a big glass of liquid greens. It’s really not for everyone. If you want to give it a chance, however, this green smoothie bowl is a great place to start. It’s full of greens and covered in lots of delicious toppings including thinly sliced bananas and nuts.

This recipe is all about texture. It has all the makings of a great green smoothie (three kinds of greens, a pear, some coconut water, and almond butter), but then it adds some great toppings to mix things up. It’s not going to be boring so grab your biggest spoon and tackle this thing.

Get the Recipe: Arugula, Romaine, and Pear Smoothie from Vanille Verte