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This Super-Easy Version of Scallion Pancakes Uses Store-Bought Dumpling Wrappers and Is Ready in Minutes

published Apr 5, 2022
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Sliced green onion pancakes with dipping sauce
Credit: Stocksy/Sophia Hsin

The first time I had scallion pancakes was in 2019, during my trip to Singapore to visit my best friend, David. I vividly remember the satisfyingly savory taste as I quickly devoured the first round before ordering more. It had a distinct flavor palate that I hadn’t yet experienced and, as a result, I felt I had been cheated out of greatness over the years.

The idea that no one thought I deserved to experience the joy of a scallion pancake sooner was hurtful. Okay, I’m over-exaggerating, but still. Since then, though, I haven’t been able to find them where I live, so I was ecstatic when I came across chefs Jen and Wes’s (@crazythickasians on Instagram) recipe for homemade scallion pancakes with dumpling wrappers.

As a novice cook, I love recipes that make things simple and easy. With only four store-bought ingredients and a few minutes of prep, this one had my name written all over it. Using a pastry brush, start things off by brushing a thin layer of sesame oil on your first dumpling wrapper. Then, top it off with a pinch of salt and a thin layer of green onions. You’ll repeat this process until you have four layers of the wrapper.

Once the layers are constructed, carefully roll the pancake to your preferred thickness while maintaining its round shape. Finally, in a well-oiled pan, fry the pancake on low heat, continuing to flip until both sides are golden-brown. At this point, your savory snack is made and ready to be enjoyed. For added flavor, however, you can combine light soy sauce, Chinese black vinegar, water, sugar, sesame oil, and minced garlic for delicious dipping sauce to complement your pancakes.

While scallion pancakes are a great standalone snack, you can always serve them as an appetizer followed by a great dish like griddled rice cakes with furikake. If you’re looking for a tasty temperature contrast, however, cold sesame noodles are another great option. No matter how you enjoy them, I can guarantee a flavorful time!