Savory Ice Cream: Do You Have a Favorite Flavor?

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Recently, a friend was raving about the cheddar cheese gelato she tried. It seems like savory ice cream flavors are hit or miss: I’ve had wine and cheese flavors before and they didn’t do it for me (especially when swirled soft serve style!). However, I love olive oil gelato. Do you have a favorite savory ice cream flavor?

I’ve heard of great blue cheese ice cream and stellar black sesame and avocado flavors – but also a fair share of varieties that missed their mark. When done right, savory ice cream can broaden what even constitutes ice cream. Using a range of non-traditional dessert flavors means that savory ice cream doesn’t even have to be relegated to dessert. The French Laundry cookbook includes a recipe for tomato sorbet to be served alongside an appetizer.

How do you feel about savory ice cream? What’s your favorite flavor?

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