Sweet Tip: Freeze Leftover Snacks & Treats for Last-Minute Ice Cream Mix-Ins

Sweet Tip: Freeze Leftover Snacks & Treats for Last-Minute Ice Cream Mix-Ins

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 26, 2012

I love to make ice cream but I rarely have the desire to go to the store specifically to get ingredients for it. Totally lame, but true. Here are a few ideas for last-minute ice cream mix-ins that will elevate a bowl of ice cream (homemade or store-bought) to the next level!

How do you remedy the problem? Just always have stuff on hand! No I don't mean raid the baking aisle and buy one of everything (though you're welcome to if you so desire).

Instead, just reserve a few bites of this or that as you consume them regularly and toss them in the freezer. Try saving back a handful of pretzels. Macerate those leftover berries in the back of the fridge and keep them for a sweet swirl in your next ice cream base. You can save a single brownie and break it up. Or try cookie pieces, gummy bears, or even spices and seasonings.

You can keep a stash of these last-minute ice cream mix-ins in a Tupperware container in the freezer or in separate bags. You can even try storing the end of that bag of trail mix your toddler refused to finish or that last piece of bread pudding in the fridge. Anything goes!

What's your favorite ice cream mix-in? Let us know in the comments below!

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(Image: Sarah Rae)

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