Tip: Save Time By Bench Scraping First

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

My bench scraper is my go-to kitchen tool. It makes all my baking blunders, stuck-on dough, or boiled-over sauces disappear in an instant. But what I didn’t realize is that using it before I clean instead of after saves me tons of time and money!

Do you own a bench scraper? Do you use it? If you said no to either question then I mandate you march to the store or your kitchen and go pick one up this instant. Once you start relying on their magical powers of cleaning you won’t ever go back. They’re great for diving dough and cutting brownies, but where they shine is in clean up time.

In the past I’ve always used the tough blade to scrape off the things no one speaks of, especially the icky-sticky-don’t-want-to-clean-it-up messes that happen when you tell yourself you’ll clean up tomorrow. But recently, all that changed.

Instead, I’ve been bench scraping after every single kitchen endeavor. It gets dust, dirt, and crumbs, and whisks them all away. Now, instead of wiping down my surfaces every day with a light cleaner, I basically wipe them down once a week.

Once a week! But Sarah, your countertops must be covered in bacteria, germs, disease, PLAGUE! You’re going to get the Ebola and DIE!

I swear I am as healthy as a horse and my kitchen has never looked better. Oh, and that bottle of cleaner I replace every mont? It’s only 1/4 empty, which is actually quite glorious! So glorious that I’m not ashamed to share the real grime that’s scraped off my counter in the photo above. That’s love, people.