Coupon Alert: Save $5 Now at Whole Foods

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

On Friday, Emma had a beautiful post with money saving ideas for the weekend, proving that there are so many creative ideas for saving money in the kitchen. It also showed that it can be fun and fulfilling and that the effort can be an opportunity to bring family and friends together in a conversation, in shopping trips, and in meals together.

I wish I’d gotten reader Hana’s email in time to give to Emma for her post: Hana tipped us off to a $5 off coupon nestled in the Whole Foods website, good for $5 off any purchase of $25 or more nationwide through Wednesday October 22.

Use it to alleviate your bill, or to add a perk you are not accustomed to:
• Try some wild and crazy eggs like emu, ostrich or duck.
• Upgrade to organic, free range and local meat and poultry.
Splurge for other treats like cheese, a nice new olive oil or fancy pickles.
• Buy fresh flowers

You could also ask to have it applied to the next person’s bill. Just a thought.

• Download the full-size coupon here (the image above is a shrunken-down version).