Sarah Rae’s Simple Summer Soiree

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

At heart, I’m a simple Midwestern girl who doesn’t really know how to socialize if there isn’t a meal involved. Snooty, refined food (no matter how simple it is to prepare) is all well and good, but it’s not my dream dinner party style. I’m far more relaxed and easygoing — so much so, in fact, at the end of my meal, there’s s’mores!

This party run down is fairly simple. I’d love to start things off with roasted vegetable skewers while we’re gearing up a batch of pizza dough to make wood-fired, thin crust pizzas to order.

I’d love to top things off with homemade popsicles and s’mores by the campfire.

Although an iPod is a great way to keep the tunes pumping, we have enough friends that are musicians, that we’d much rather set up an area for friends to play or jam together as they see fit. We’ll do away with the fancy plates and go with something disposable for those who feel like they need them.

Sweet basil lemonade can be on hand along with ice water to quench partygoers’ thirst as my husband and I don’t drink. Plus, more fun is had when playing horseshoes and ping-pong when no one ends up injuring themselves or dancing on the table.

A great dinner party to me is simply friends outside, lots of little lights overhead, surrounded by good, fresh food with games to play instead of staring at everyone from across a table. Who knows how the night will end, but this is how we’d love to give it a start!

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