Sarah Rae’s Pepper Mill: Olde Thompson Pepper Mill

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The internet tells me that every 18 seconds of every day (365 days per year), someone buys the same Olde Thompson pepper mill I own. Does that make it the best one on the market? Is it extra awesome? Does it grind pepper with ninja speed or have any bells or whistles? Meh — it gets the job done and the top, well it kinda looks like a boob.

Six years ago my husband and I received this pepper mill along with a matching salt shaker. Since we both have a passion for salt pigs, the shaker was donated and we’ve had the pepper mill ever since. Have we kept it because it’s the best grinder on the market? Do we have super star reviews to give you? Truth be told, no. But then again, we’ve never really put that much thought into purchasing the best one in our price range either.

Six years of experience and this middle of the road model seems to do just what it’s supposed to — deliver pepper to a dish. We’ve never had a conversation about the pepper grind being too big or too small (as you adjust the top to remedy that), or mentioned that we needed a new one. You can find a shorter version of ours online for $17 from Olde Thompson, though we’re guessing it’s in a big box retailer near you. The company has been in business since 1944, so they must be doing something right!

We refill ours every three months or so. This taller version (12″) doesn’t really fit in cabinets and has always had to live on our counter which has caused it to see its fair share of dirt and grime. The underside of the grinder was coated in thick green gunk, which we’re guessing is mostly oil build up from living near the stove. At least, we’ll pretend that’s all it is, but we wanted to issue a word of caution when purchasing taller models such as this that when living out in the open they’ll be caught in the cross fire of spitting oil and dirt on your counters (although ours are always clean *cough*).

Do you have a pepper mill like ours? We’re guessing a few of you out there do! Tell us how you like it in the comments below!