Sarah Rae’s Go-To Pantry Soup Starter

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Earlier this year many of you weighed in on your thoughts about pantry stable stock or broth starters. As much as I try to make things from scratch, that doesn’t mean I always have time to do so. I keep this brand of shelf stable starter in my pantry for those in-a-pinch situations when it comes to last minute meals and more.

A soup starter, let alone one that is shelf stable and doesn’t have to be refrigerated might give some the willies. And for good reason. In addition, it only takes about an hour to make even the most elaborate soups from scratch, so with a little planning, there shouldn’t be any need for this product.

That said, I still use these starters from Orrington Farms. It not only adds a bit of richness to things like homemade skillet meals and gravies, but it actually works out rather well as broth when made per the instructions (combining boiling water and the product and stirring until dissolved). Is it as good as homemade? Of course not. Is it close? Absolutely. Especially when it comes to having a broth ready in a short 5 minute time span.

Do you have a favorite soup starter you keep on hand for those just in case moments? Share a favorite brand in the comments below

Buy It Here: Orrington Soup Starters for $3-$5 per jar (or at your local grocer)