Sarah Jessica Parker Shares Her Secret Recipe for Peas

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It’s a common Thanksgiving tradition that certain people are entrusted with specific dishes. One person always does pecan pie, another always brings Rice Krispies treats, and only the very best person is allowed to handle the stuffing. A Thanksgiving assignment might be a person’s favorite dish, something they invented, or just a dish they’re particularly good at. In Sarah Jessica Parker’s family, she always makes the peas.

“I always cook baby peas with sour cream, salted butter, and grainy mustard,” she told Bon Appetit in an interview last year. “It’s crazy good. People love it and want to inject it into their bloodstream.”

This year she shared the recipe and a video on Instagram, and the internet thinks it looks delicious.

“A petite pea masterpiece,” she wrote alongside the video, in which piano music swells over footage of the peas being stirred in a creamy sauce, while Parker and a man named Andrew discuss the dish.

“This is Grandma Phyllis’ famous peas with mustard sauce,” Andrew explains, scooping around the sides so everyone on Instagram can get a good look at the sauce.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s beloved recipe for peas in mustard sauce is really very simple. It’s just frozen peas (or fresh, if you can get them), whole-grain mustard, sour cream, and butter to taste. She doesn’t give specific amounts, but this is one of those recipes where you just play with it until it looks right and take little tastes along the way until it’s perfect. This is a good recipe for anyone who likes to nibble on things while they cook.

In the video, Sarah Jessica Parker and Andrew both agree that the butter is Kerrygold, because it is delicious, and Parker says she doesn’t think the peas even need any salt or pepper.

“It’s absolute perfection,” Sarah Jessica Parker says.

This recipe is simple enough for a weeknight dinner, but apparently it’s so good Sarah Jessica Parker’s family asks for it every year. Try it out — maybe it will become a new signature dish at your holiday gatherings.