San Francisco Market: Far West Fungi

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Are you making mushroom soup? Do you want to try a matsutake mushroom? How about some truffle oil? Chances are, if you live in San Francisco, we know where you can find all these mushrooms, and more.

In the Ferry Building is Far West Fungi, a small store that sells various types of fresh and dried mushrooms (lion’s mane, morel, chantrelle, bluefoot, tree oyster, porcini, and plain ‘ol button mushrooms, to name a few) books about mushrooms, truffle oils and truffle salts, and other mushroom-related paraphernalia, including mushroom growing kits. May is Garden Month on The Kitchn; imagine being able to harvest your own fresh mushrooms right outside your kitchen!

In addition to their location in the Ferry Building (which is open seven days a week) they also have stalls at various farmer’s markets around the Bay Area. The staff is knowledgeable about all things fungi – take a look at their website, which contains a wild mushroom calendar, recipes, nutritional information, and a glossary of mushroom species. If it’s about mushrooms – they have it, or they can find it.

Not in San Francisco? Don’t fret; they have an online store.