San Francisco Home Produce Delivery: Westside Organics

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Every so often, we’re too tired to go to the market. But, we still want to eat healthy! Salvation comes in the form of Westside Organics, one of the many home produce delivery companies in San Francisco.

Westside Organics is an organic produce and grocery delivery system that allows customers to choose from a standard box or a personalized box. The deliveries can be made weekly or biweekly, there is a vacation hold system, and the prices are quite low. A standard Fruit/Veggie Mix box this week costs $29, and this week’s box contains bananas, redleaf lettuce, Granny Smith apples, broccoli, mango, onions, Minneola tangelos, Roma tomatoes, Bartlett pears, and zucchini. They also offer groceries such as organic milk, cheese, bread, cereal, pasta sauce, and much more.

We really like the peace of mind of knowing that once a week, when we get home from work, there will be a large container full of healthy, fresh, organic produce waiting for us, and we can relax and spend more quality time with our loved ones instead of dashing to the market.

(Image by Kathryn Hill)