Of Course Sam’s Club Has a Santa Unicorn Cake for Sale

(Image credit: From left to right: 1MoreCreative/Getty Images; Sam’s Club)

When it comes to celebrating the holiday season, and particularly Christmas, there are two types of households. One type opts for decorating their home with stately, minimalist touches — preferring white lights, silver bells, and multiple matched red and gold glass ornaments hung from a fresh seven-foot Douglas fir.

The other type of household goes 180 degrees in the opposite direction, choosing a style I like to call “Yuletide Game Show Chic,” and if you’re wondering what I mean by that, well, it can be summarized quite nicely in a new holiday cake offered by Sam’s Club.


The “Santa Unicorn Cake” is currently available to order at Sam’s Club from now until December 24 (or while supplies last). The magnificent cake comes in two and three-tier options. The bottom of both cakes looks very similar to Santa’s stomach (complete with a black belt). The middle layer of the three-tier cake is completely festooned in red, green, and white sprinkles. The top layer of both cakes is the piece de resistance: a Christmas-themed unicorn head!

If you already have your Christmas desserts planned, there’s also a winter-themed cake option available till the end of January — perhaps more suited for households that share stately and “Game Show Chic” members. The cake is rendered completely in shades of blue and white, and decorated festively and frostily at the bottom with snowflakes.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Sam’s Club)

All these cakes can be ordered in either vanilla or chocolate, or a combo of both. If you’re wondering how many people you need to invite to your Ugly Sweater Party to eat all of this cake, well… invite all your friends, family, and especially Susan from the HR department at work. The three-tier cake feeds 66 people and costs about $70. The two-tier cake feeds 46 people and costs $40.

Don’t have a Sam’s Club card but want a piece of cake? Don’t worry, there’s a way to order one of these beauties without one. May this be the first sign that a Christmas Unicorn tradition is brewing.