Costco’s Food Court Is Getting Some Competition

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As much as we talk about the food court at Sam’s Club (and those Polish hot dogs!), we talk about the food court at Costco way, way more. And maybe that’s a mistake on our part. We’re starting to think the Sam’s Club Café deserves even more love — especially after the news we got today.

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Allow us to explain. Did you know that October is both National Pizza Month and National Pretzel Month? It is! And apparently, Sam’s Club has been celebrating accordingly!

As a secret menu item, the warehouse store has been offering the Pizza Pretzel. That’s a pizza and a pretzel combined! Café associates make it by smothering a soft pretzel with cheese and pepperoni before baking it. It’s then served warm with a side of marinara. Boom! Pizza Pretzel, for just $1.69.

We know what you’re thinking: “That’s cool and all, but you’re telling me this now? On October 22? That only gives me nine days to get one of these!” Well, don’t worry. Although the Pizza Pretzel was created for these two holidays, a rep told us there is no plan to phase the Pizza Pretzel out anytime soon.

It’s not actually listed on the menu (that’s kind of the whole point of being a secret menu item!), but if you ask for it, we’re told the employees will know what you’re talking about.

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