The $15 Amazon Cleaning Find You’ll Use for Everything — and It Takes Up Virtually Zero Storage Space

published Mar 28, 2023
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Credit: Lula Poggi

There are plenty of videos and posts on the internet (including ours) telling you what you need for your home. Although we always stand by our recs, the truth is, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the exciting, aesthetically pleasing things you want as opposed to the practical, not-so-fun stuff you need. If anything, though, you should be devoting just as much (if not more) energy toward the latter, lest you find yourself with a clogged sink drain and nothing to unclog it with. Undisputedly, one of the most practical cleaning tools you can invest in is a bucket. (Yes, really.) There are plenty of situations you might find yourself in during which you might need one of these storage closet staples, whether you’re simply mopping or letting stained garments soak in detergent. But, buckets can take up a lot of floor space and generally get in the way, which is why we wanted to put a much more convenient alternative on your radar. The SAMMART collapsible bucket is no ordinary bucket — it’s your next multipurpose cleaning essential.

Let’s get the most important thing out of the way: Although this product can become compact when needed, it can still hold a lot. The bucket is available in a nearly 3-gallon size, so you’ll hardly run out of space for water or any cleaning tools you might be taking from one room to another. Amazon shoppers say it’s perfect for small apartments and also for taking along on road trips. “We use this bucket in our RV, where space is an issue,” one reviewer wrote. “We have not had issues with getting it to expand or collapse like others have. It carries enough water to put out a campfire or provide the dogs with drinking water throughout the day.” And throughout it all, the bucket remains lightweight and anything but bulky.

Even after you’re finished cleaning or using the bucket, you’ll find it takes up virtually no space inside your storage closet. On the flip side, regular non-collapsible buckets often become obstacles as you try to put away Swiffers, steam mops, and other supplies in the same tiny vicinity. Even if you don’t have a whole closet at your disposal, you could easily place the flat bucket under your kitchen sink or in between a narrow bathroom space. Essentially, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing some spring cleaning, camping, or bringing cold drinks to an outdoor event — this low-cost collapsible find holds it all and doesn’t give you any troubles afterward.