These Gorgeous Colored Wine Glasses Are My Go-To Hosting Accessory (They Make a Great Gift, Too!)

published Dec 19, 2023
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To be clear, I am no wine connoisseur. A reliable Trader Joe’s find or something with a pleasing aesthetic, like Avaline, is my sweet spot. Even if I don’t savor every impromptu bottle I uncork, there’s something about pouring it into a beautifully crafted glass that elevates the experience. I can’t explain if there’s a science behind it, but, on a personal level, food or drink presented with flair just tastes better.

So, when I got the chance to try out Saludi’s Colored Wine Glasses, resembling the popular Estelle ones that took the internet by storm, I thought, “Well, at the very least, these will add a touch of elegance to my glass kitchen cabinets!” My only concern was their fragility, given that my friends and I aren’t exactly the most careful bunch (you can probably imagine how that usually goes).

Surprisingly, these glasses are impressively sturdy and come in stunning, unique colors that make it easy for everyone to keep track of their own. I’ve hosted gatherings with them several times now, and each glass has not only held up but also added an aesthetic touch to the occasion, which I’ve loved.

What Are the Saludi Colored Wine Glasses?

Designed to make a bold statement on your tablescape, this set of six 16.5-ounce wine glasses elevates the aesthetic of any gathering or special occasion. What sets them apart is not just their visual allure but also their thoughtful design — the impressive shape features a top that gracefully curves inward from a sharp bell-shaped bowl. This unique design is supposed to enhance the aroma and taste of your wine, making every sip a refined experience (even if it’s just from Trader Joe’s).

The real beauty, though, lies in the spectrum of colors each glass boasts. This eliminates any confusion about whose glass is whose and adds a touch of individuality to your gatherings. This USA-based brand’s glasses truly transform any occasion into something extraordinary.

Credit: Haley Lyndes

Why I Love the Saludi Colored Wine Glasses

Investing in wine glasses has always been a challenge for me, since the thought of spending on something that looks ordinary and risks breaking easily is a hard sell. However, if anything could persuade me, it had to be glasses that were not only sturdy but also flaunted a distinctive aesthetic. That’s where these beautiful glasses come in, and the fact that they’re in a set of six is the cherry on top. With glass kitchen cabinets in my space, the visual appeal of my glassware matters, and these double as display items. It’s worth noting that they do require handwashing, but that’s a small price to pay for their eye-catching design and durability. And, when style meets substance, a little extra care is worth the payoff.

Saludi’s wine glasses are the perfect blend of style and function, making them a must-have for any collection. Crafted with care, these modern glasses not only elevate your wine experience but also come in a handy set of six for all your hosting needs. They’re ideal for those who appreciate a touch of personal flair, and these glasses bring both a conversational charm to any occasion. For $135, they’re cheaper than the viral Estelle glasses and, in my opinion, are worth the splurge.