Salty to Sweet: 20 New Snack Ideas for When the Munchies Strike

Salty to Sweet: 20 New Snack Ideas for When the Munchies Strike

Kelli Foster
Jul 27, 2016

When the munchies hit, what is your stomach usually asking for? Do you salivate for something salty? Lust for all the sweet things? Feel the need for fiery foods? Or perhaps you just want something with a serious crunch? No matter what your snacking style, these are the 20 munchies that will satisfy all your snack cravings.

For Those Who Like It Salty

If a salt tooth dominates your snack situation, satisfy that craving with a handful of tamari almonds or a crisp sheet or nori topped with cream cheese. And fair warming — the combination of salty proscuitto and sliced avocado is a dream combination that will change you forever. Or go for a double dose of salt with blue cheese-stuffed olives.

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For Those Who Like It Sweet

When your sweet tooth calls, there's no ignoring it. Go beyond that bar of dark chocolate sitting in the pantry. You'll get near-instant gratification from dried fruit dipped in Nutella, or chocolate sprinkles on nut butter-covered apples. But know that with the help of the microwave, mere minutes stand between you and an instant cake. And in the same time you can be cooling off with a refreshing fruit smoothie.

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For Those Who Like It Crunchy

Sometimes it doesn't actually matter if your snack is sweet or salty, because all you're after is something with a serious crunch factor. Try some new crisp combos like pairing apples with hummus or carrot sticks with nut butter. Top crackers with creamy ricotta and pomegranate seeds, or simply reach for a handful of chocolate-covered espresso beans.

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For Those Who Like It Spicy

For those times you need a snack that's not just going to quiet your grumbling stomach, but something that will also give you a jolt to ignite your senses, fiery foods know how to get the job done. Like a hard-boiled egg with a schmear of gochujang, the umami-packed Korean chile paste, or popcorn coated with Sriracha and a drizzle of honey. Try reaching for wasabi roasted chickpeas or blend up a quick spicy dip with yogurt, garlic, and spicy jalapeños.

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New Snack Ideas for When the Munchies Strike

New snack ideas for when the munchies strike is a series where we show you how to satisfy all your snack cravings — salty, sweet, crunchy, and spicy. We encourage you to embrace snack time and calm your cravings with these fresh ideas and out-of-the-box combos.

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