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Salty and Sweet: Grilled Cheese on Raisin Bread

published May 13, 2010
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Yeah, we know. It’s hard to see the raisins. Looks like a plain old grilled cheese. But trust us, they’re there. And they made our cobbled-together lunch a smidge more delicious.

It helps that our raisin bread was raisin challah bread, too. It’s sweeter in general than regular bread, so it made a nice foil to our sharp

cheddar cheese

Raisin bread isn’t something that’s normally on our radar. It feels very processed for some reason, with the stale-looking raisins and artificial cinnamon swirls that so many brands have. This loaf was a little more upscale, from a bakery, but we kind of love the cheaper stuff, too, on the rare occasions we eat it. Our sweet tooth welcomes any carbohydrate with added sugar.

And it makes a great grilled cheese. Try it. The raisins get warm and soft, and a nice fruity bite every now and then tastes so good with a tangy cheese.