Salts, Syrups & Sodas: 5 Special Citrus Recipes for Winter Experimentation

2012_01_20-orangesoda.jpg Citrus is everywhere I turn lately. After making salad dressings, baking, and cooking with them, there’s probably a part of the fruit you’re going to have leftover. What to do? Make citrus salts, syrups, and sodas of course!

There’s something undeniably refreshing and bright about citrus beverages; they brighten up the darkest of winter days and really awaken the palate. I make a lot of citrus cocktails in the summer because the juice is a nice base for lighter vodka and gin-based drinks, but there’s no reason that citrus sodas and syrups should be relegated to warmer months. And citrus salts? Simple, fragrant, and delightful. I consider these recipes a help-get-through-winter-primer.

Try a Recipe:
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Grapefruit Simple Syrup – Culinate
Lavender Lemon Soda – Eat Drink Better
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