Salad to Sushi: 5 Surprisingly Good Breakfasts

published Apr 6, 2011
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Ever thought about eating salad for breakfast? Or sushi? No? Here are five unexpected yet surprisingly good breakfasts, gathered from around the world!

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Salad (Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
  1. Salad – Yes, a breakfast salad! I love eating avocado with prosciutto and a little Parmesan in the summertime. Add a poached egg and it’s a seriously nutritious meal. Many Asian breakfasts often include salad, too — why not try it sometime?
  2. Miso Soup – Nearly every Japanese breakfast includes miso soup. It’s healthy and savory, and a wonderfully filling way to start the day.
  3. Rice – While I love heating up a bit of leftover rice with cinnamon and milk for breakfast, this dish of flattened rice, or poha, takes it one step further. Throughout much of Asia and parts of Africa, rice is an important part of breakfast, and this quick-cooking flattened rice is one of my favorite breakfast dishes from India.
  4. Uncooked Oats & Grains – Oatmeal and other porridges need to be cooked, right? Not necessarily! Swiss muesli, uncooked oats left overnight in water or milk with chopped fruit, is a deliciously easy breakfast. I love even steel-cut oats done this way; they’re chewy and nutty.
  5. Sushi – Sushi may be the last thing in the world you would think of for breakfast, but really — why not try it? It seems like a great make-ahead, grab-and-go breakfast. Wrap up ham, chopped cucumber, and herbs in rice. Grab a roll on your way out the door!

What are some of the more unexpected things you eat for breakfast? Are there any breakfast items from your culture or home country that would seem unusual to Western cooks?

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