25 Salads You’ll Actually Want to Eat for Lunch

(Image credit: Guy Ambrosino)

We’ve all been there: You pack up a wholesome salad filled with lots of vegetables for lunch, but by the time noon rolls around you’re starving and nothing could look more unappealing than said salad. So you tuck it back into your work bag and run out with friends to buy something.

Forget those days — here are 25 salads you’ll actually want to eat! Not only are they filled with things like beans, chicken, and whole grains so they fill you up, but they’re also loaded with enough flavor and crunch to hold your attention.

Veggie and Bean-Filled Salads

These meatless salads are a far cry from the plain ol’ green salad you may have been packing. Using a mix of vegetables in some ensures things stay interesting, while adding beans and lentils to others lends a pop of protein.

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Chicken and Tuna Salads

While sandwiches might be the first thing that come to mind when you think of chicken and tuna salads, these classic lunches are just as fabulous piled over greens and turned into a true salad.

(Image credit: Ghazalle Badiozamani)

Pasta and Grain Salads

For those extra-hungry days, let pasta and grain salads help you out. They’re a bit heartier, yes, but still feel nice and wholesome.

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