Salad For Dinner: Seeking Really Big Salad Bowls

published Jul 26, 2011
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What do you do when your veggie-packed summer salads grow too large for a plain old salad bowl or even a dinner plate? You get creative.

I’ve been living on a diet of mostly salads in this latest heat wave, and I’m rather embarrassed to admit that I’ve been eating them right out of my medium-sized stainless steel mixing bowl. These are huge leafy salad monstrosities, made into a meal with beans, diced fruit, raw vegetables, bits of cheese, and nuts. They’re much bigger than a salad bowl can handle and none of my other dishes quite does the job either.

What I really need is a small-sized serving bowl. Or perhaps a very large soup bowl. Something right around eight inches in diameter and with a good deep bowl would be perfect.

I’ve been keeping my eyes open for just such a bowl, and here are a few candidates I’ve recently spotted:

Great White Coupe Serving Bowls (Set of 3), $58 from Pottery Barn
Large Beautiful Cobalt Blue Bowl, $45 from Etsy seller Wilson River Pottery
Skyn Bowl (Set of 2), $19.99 from Ikea

Do you have a favorite dish for eating really big salads?

(Images: Pottery Barn)