The 10 Best Gifts for Anyone Celebrating a November Birthday

updated Nov 1, 2019
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Yes, the holidays are just around the corner, but you may also have a few November birthdays to celebrate first. Don’t panic. You can get ALL the shopping done. We’ll be running a gift guide nearly every single day in November to help you with that holiday shopping. And for the birthday folks, well, we turned to Joy Strong, a life coach and astrology expert. She used the stars to decode what your Scorpio and Sagittarius friends might like best.

Here’s what to buy for the November-born people in your circle. 

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1. Instant Pot Duo

“An Instant Pot, with loads of capabilities and settings, may appeal to a Scorpio — especially because it works best, like they do, under high pressure,” says Strong. Our pick for the stinger sign? The Duo model in this newer spicy red color.

Buy: Instant Pot Duo 60, $100

Credit: Food52

2. Kinto Double-Walled To-Go Tumbler

“Optimistic and active, your Sagittarius friends are big-picture-oriented and generally don’t like to fuss with small details,” says Strong. Her top suggestion for Sagittarius? “Think about gifts that are straightforward — like a functional travel mug that can be taken out on spontaneous adventures,” she says. With its leak-proof seal and special slotted lid that prevents ice and hot drinks from coming out too quickly, this tumbler is sure to be a hit with a practical Sag. For what it’s worth: Design nerds are obsessed with this Kinto right now.

Buy: Kinto Double-Walled To-Go Tumbler, $38 at Food52

3. illy Y3.2 Espresso/Coffee Machine

If your Scorpio loves coffee, go the gadget route. “That could range from an elegant French press coffee maker to an elaborate espresso brewing station,” says Strong. For a Scorpio, this little illy pod-based model is perfect — it heats up quickly, makes a good shot, and is a breeze to clean (unlike most higher-tech options).

Buy: illy Y3.2 Espresso/Coffee Machine, $150 at Bed Bath & Beyond

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4. Hamilton Beach 1.7-Liter Variable Temperature Glass Electric Kettle

“Anything that heats up without being too complicated could work for a Sagittarius,” says Strong. That’s why she’s going to love this cordless glass electric tea kettle, which looks way more expensive than it is. It brings water to the exact temperature she needs based on what she’s planning to drink.

Buy: Hamilton Beach 1.7-Liter Variable Temperature Glass Electric Kettle, $50

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5. The Mug

“Because they are water signs, Scorpio has a natural affinity with all things related to cups, mugs, glasses, and anything that brews,” says Strong. Wrap up an East Fork Mug, which is made by hand and has possibly the most comfortable handle of all time. “If you can go the extra step and place a gift inside — like tea bags, coffee beans, or even chocolates — a Scorpio will love the layers as well as the extra thoughtfulness,” Strong adds.

Buy: The Mug, $36 at East Fork

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6. Snack It to Me

According to Strong, open-minded and exploring Sagittarius likes to try new things. That’s why your Sagittarius will love any sampler box of curated indie snacks. You can go really niche with your selection — all vegan, kosher, or sustainable foods, for example — but this crunchy, salty, and sweet mix should hit the spot for any Sag snacker on your list.

Buy: Snack It to Me, $49 at Mouth

7. Small Raawii Strøm Jug

“Scorpios tend to like unique items with personal meaning and will long treasure something selected just for them,” says Strong. Purples and reds are their power colors, so seek out a pretty pitcher in a dark purple or maroon. Any Scorpio will admire the strong, sculptural Raawii line, which is made out of ceramic in Portugal. She can use it for flowers, water, or a small batch of cocktails.

Buy: Small Raawii Strøm Jug, $75 at MoMA Design Store

Credit: Katie Kime

8. Arrows Lucite Tray

Strong suggests considering items that have arrows in their design, because Sagittarius is the “archetypal archer.” A tray with arrows on it — and maybe her initials or name on it for something a little extra — will be a great addition to her entertaining collection.

Buy: Arrows Lucite Tray, from $42 at Katie Kime

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9. Philips Avance Collection Smoke-less Indoor BBQ Grill

“Scorpio is the most intense sign of the zodiac,” says Strong. “Emotional and intuitive, your Scorpio friends are deeper than they may seem on the surface — and they also love gifts that have some complexity or mystery about them.” Although it’s a splurge, the Philips smokeless grill should keep Scorpio busy finding ways to recreate favorite barbecue foods during these colder months. Get a group to go in on this gift with you.

Buy: Philips Avance Collection Smoke-less Indoor BBQ Grill, $280

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10. DashaAlexander Be a Pineapple Motivational Saying Kitchen Tea Towel

“Sagittarius connects easily with positive and forward-thinking reminders,” says Strong. Anything with a favorite quote or motivational saying will be a hit, so gift a silly-but-cute kitchen towel that she can leave out on her counter or hang from the oven handle. Every time she sees it, she’ll chuckle and think of you.

Buy: DashaAlexander Be a Pineapple Motivational Saying Kitchen Tea Towel, $14

Are you celebrating a November birthday? What’s on your wish list?