The 10 Best Gifts for All Your Loved Ones Celebrating December Birthdays

updated Nov 21, 2019
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We’re officially in the thick of the holiday season, but we can’t forget about the December born, now can we? These sweet folks have had their birthdays lumped in with the holidays their whole lives. And that’s just not super fair. All year, we’ve been using the stars to guide birthday present picks and now we’re going to finish what we’ve started. To wrap up the year, we asked astrologer Rebecca M. Farrar, M.A., known as the Wild Witch of the West, to give us her suggestions for all the Sagittarians and Capricorns out there.

Here’s what she had to suggest — and how to make your December-born loved ones feel extra special.

Credit: Compartés

1. Healthy Vegan Organic Paleo Dark Chocolate Bar Gift Box

“Sagittarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac,” says Farrar. For that reason, the best Sagittarian gifts are ones that are indulgent but with a conscience. Try this set of chic chocolate bars from Compartés. They’re vegan, Paleo, and made ethically with local ingredients in Los Angeles.

Buy: Healthy Vegan Organic Paleo Dark Chocolate Bar Gift Box, $50 for a set of 4 at Compartés

Credit: Etsy

2. Vintage Linen Tablecloth

Capricorns are old souls, and they’re all about being prim and proper. So Farrar suggests a vintage-looking tablecloth. Find something made of rustic linen on Etsy — like this option! — it’s likely to go with all of her dinnerware.

Buy: Vintage Linen Tablecloth, from $90 at Etsy

Credit: Amazon

3. The Flavor Bible

“Sagittarians get bored easily and are always looking for ways to spice up their life,” says Farrar. That’s why yours will flip over a copy of The Flavor Bible. With this book, cooking will be less about following recipes and more about exploration — combining different ingredients to discover new, exciting flavor profiles.

Buy: The Flavor Bible: The Essential Guide to Culinary Creativity, $25

4. Cuisinart 3.5-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

If Capricorn were a kitchen appliance, Farrar says she’d be a slow cooker. “They definitely admire stability and slowness,” she adds. Get your Capricorn this little copper cutie, and prepare for lots of thank you chili.

Buy: Cuisinart 3.5-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker, $60 at The Home Depot

Credit: Caraway Home

5. Caraway Cookware Set

“Sagittarius admires adventure and has a ‘go big or go home’ mentality,” says Farrar. Splurge on a full set of cookware (make it a group gift!), so your Sagittarius can master something new in the kitchen. This set works with all types of burners and comes with extras Sag will appreciate (a canvas holder for lids, magnetic pan racks for storage, and two biodegradable cork trivets).

Buy: Cookware Set, $395 for a set at Caraway

6. Mason Tea for Two Set

Comfort is key for a Cap. This sign loves a tried-and-true solution or experience. Give her all the warm and fuzzy feels with this tea-for-two set.

Buy: Mason Tea For Two Set, $38 at Anthropologie

7. Skeem Design Match Cloche

As a fire sign, Sagittarius isn’t afraid of an open flame. That’s why Farrar suggests a beautiful set of matches as a gift. This vessel from Skeem, which comes with 120 matchsticks, is pretty enough to leave out on display and can be refilled or used as a cloche later.

Buy: Skeem Design Match Cloche, $30 at Ballard Designs

Credit: Amazon

8. Work Sharp Culinary E2 Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Capricorns see themselves as authorities in everything they do, including cooking. So give your serious Cap chef a pro knife sharpener to ensure that she’s always on her A-game.

Buy: Work Sharp Culinary E2 Kitchen Knife Sharpener, $50

9. DIY Sushi Kit

Sagittarius has an appreciation for tradition, says Farrar. And that’s why a sushi set will make your Archer feel seen. It has everything she needs to master the art of hand rolling.

Buy: DIY Sushi Kit, $30 at Williams Sonoma

10. Specialty Salt Collection

Capricorn is an earth sign, so they gravitate towards anything related to rocks or crystals. Literally gift your ram the salt of the earth. This set includes Hawaiian, Himalayan, and Portuguese varieties. Aesthetically, the bottles will also appeal to Caps’ desire to impress with well-designed objects.

Buy: Specialty Salt Collection, $35 at The Spice House