Is Sabra’s Avocado Toast Kit Actually Useful?

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Quentin Bacon)

Avocado toast has become much maligned in the last couple years, but let’s not deny the facts: Bottom line, avocado toast is a nutritious, simple snack, that, if you know how to season avocado properly, actually tastes great. It is certainly not the reason millennials are going broke, or a sign of the end times.

So that’s why, on the surface, it should be good news that Sabra has made a portable, pre-packaged avocado toast kit. At only $3, it’s much less expensive than ordering the real thing at a restaurant. Yet, there are some people who will surely take issue with avocado toast’s latest iteration. And probably for good reason.

The Sabra avocado toast kit comes with whole wheat toasts and a pre-made guacamole dip, which is supposedly made with cilantro and lime juice. Unfortunately, mashed up avocado that has been sitting in plastic in the refrigerated aisle of your grocery store usually tastes, well, bad. Avocado is just better fresh, with a little spritz of lemon juice from a lemon you sliced yourself, a dash of salt, and my personal favorite addition, red pepper flakes. There’s a chance Sabra’s dip is only a poor approximation of avocado’s true potential.

Yes, there is an argument to be made that Sabra’s take on avocado toast is secretly actually quite useful: Cutting an avocado and taking out the pit is notoriously tricky (not to mention dangerous), and mashing the avocado slices takes a not insignificant amount of arm strength. I understand the impulse to take the easy way out and simply dip a miniature toast into a miniature bowl of guacamole. It is the perfect snack to eat quietly at your desk until it’s finally time to get lunch. If you want an easy way to get through those midday hunger pains without resorting to potato chips, then this new Sabra snack is understandably appealing.

On the other hand, it should be said that making avocado toast is really easy, once you get past the pitting part. All you have to do is spread mashed-up avocado on toast. It takes five minutes, tops, and that extra time results in a much better snack than you will ever get in a plastic package. Personally, I’ll always opt for fresh avocado, but who am I to judge if your new go-to is the Sabra snack? It’s high time we stopped shaming people for loving avocado, which is, in all its forms, objectively good.