Rusty Dishwasher Rack? Try Dishwasher Rack Caps

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(Image credit: Improvements Catalog)

Here’s a product for all of you in old tenement kitchens with ancient dishwashers. You know… those old, rusty dishwashers, with spikes of rusted metal creating tetanus hazards and rusty streaks across your good white plates? Well, some ingenious soul came up with a product just for you. Dishwasher rack caps.

These little plastic caps slide over the posts of dishwasher racks and cover the spikes that have perhaps been worn down to rusty nubs. We’ve had this particular condition in most of the dishwashers we’ve owned; water, time, and heat break down the rubber or plastic coating on the posts, leaving unsightly rust behind.

So we’re curious about these caps. Perhaps they’re useless; perhaps they’re a very good and economical way to upgrade your dishwasher. What do you think?

(Images: Improvements Catalog)


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