My Washable Dining Room Rug Has Stood Up to a Year of Stains and Spills (and You Can Snag One on Sale!)

updated Nov 23, 2021
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Credit: Ruggable

You can’t deny the transformational power a rug can bring to just about any space in a home. But when it comes to adding a rug in the kitchen or dining area, the general consensus seems to be, well, maybe not. They can be dirt trappers, crumb collectors, and the catch-all for everything that doesn’t make it into our bellies. Eww.

But about a year ago, my husband and I discovered that our busy dining area (which also doubles up as our WFH space) was causing a ruckus for our downstairs neighbor, so we had to pull the easiest (and cheapest) soundproofing hack: putting a rug under the dining table. We went with one of Ruggable’s washable rugs simply because we could wash it at home as needed. And now that it’s been over a year, here’s how it’s been holding up so far.

Drumroll please … it still looks brand new! I moved my dining table and chairs to get a better photo and was truly surprised by how well the rug has held up to over a year of constant use. And when I say constant, I actually mean that we may as well be living in our dining zone. Thanks to the pandemic, we’ve been using the space for all three meals (and snacks too!), a WFH space, hosting virtual game nights, and since I’m short on countertop space, it’s also my go-to prep area.

And in addition to getting a lot of foot traffic throughout the day, the rug has also been through everything from a tsunami of splatters (and one particularly horrifying incident of bright red marinara sauce that escaped the jar) to wine spills and even a thick layer of sticky, chocolatey caramel courtesy of my friend’s two-year-old. But rather than spend hours with a bucket of soapy water scrubbing out the stain, I love that I can simply peel off the rug cover and toss it in the machine. So far, my rug has been through the washer and dryer at least six times, and there’s been no fading whatsoever. I should mention that I follow their washing instructions to the letter, and that’s gone a long way in ensuring my rug maintains its longevity.

Another major pro? Unlike regular rugs that have a certain amount of pile that can essentially act as a net for crumbs and spills, Ruggable’s rugs have a smooth surface that doesn’t trap anything — not even the teeny-tiny crumbs from my sourdough loaf. And since the rug has such a low-pile surface, it doesn’t attract irritants like dust, pet dander, or pollen, which is a huge benefit for my husband’s allergies and my mild asthma. The smooth surface also makes it easy to clean on an everyday basis with just a regular vacuum cleaner.

To say that investing in a Ruggable rug was the best home decor decision I’ve ever made would be an understatement. It’s worth every penny! If you’re thinking of adding a new rug to your home, you’re in luck because from now until November 29, the brand is hosting a Black Friday sale, which includes 15 percent off their most beloved washable styles. Simply pick your favorite design and preferred size, and plug in the code TGIBF21 during checkout.

So go ahead and make that space under your dining table or your living area cozier, add some zhuzh to your entryway (they make doormats too!), or get a bright new runner to add some warmth to that long, dark corridor. Whatever you choose, your cold toes and future messy self will thank you!

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