Ruggable Is Holding a Rare Sale That Includes Their Best-Selling Washable Rugs for Your Kitchen and Dining Space

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Rugs are the easiest way to add an instant style upgrade to any room, including the kitchen. Unfortunately, even the most stain-resistant rugs can quickly look grimy and soiled. But that’s where Ruggable comes in: Unlike other rugs that are spot-clean only, Ruggable’s stain-resistant polyester rugs are entirely machine washable. That’s right, you can pop the whole thing in the washing machine, and it will come out looking brand new. And it really works, as Kitchn’s Commerce Editor, Sholeen, discovered about her own Ruggable rug. “We’ve dropped blood-red wine and stomped muddy shoes on the rug,” she says, “but after running the lightweight top layer through the cold cycle and drying it on low heat, it came out totally stain-free.”

But Ruggable’s floor coverings are more than just convenient and easy to clean. They’re incredibly attractive and come in a variety of sizes and unique designs. So you can throw a smaller rug down in your kitchen to cover that linoleum your landlord installed; brighten up that nook in your living room where you curl up with coffee and a scone; or put a rug under your dining table and thumb your nose to sloppy spaghetti dinners and drippy ice cream desserts! No matter what your aesthetic, you’re sure to find a completely washable rug to match. And right now Ruggable is holding a rare anniversary sale, where their best-sellers are 15 percent off with code ANNIVERSARY15 through July 27. So spruce up all the areas where you like to entertain, and don’t worry about the mess, it’ll all come out in the wash!

Credit: Ruggable

1. Impasto Slate Blue Rug

Inspired by the 17th-century technique of creating a textured canvas with thick layers of paint, the Impasto rug offers a gorgeous, muted color palette of blues, grays and slates. It looks like a work of art on its own, so set it in the middle of your kitchen floor (where everyone tends to congregate) or dining room and wait for the compliments to roll in. 

Buy: Impasto Slate Blue Rug, starts at $93 (normally $109)

Credit: Ruggable

2. Cambria Ruby Rug

The enduring popularity of traditional Turkish rugs is no surprise. They’re timeless and elegant, and the Cambria Ruby Rug draws on the Turkish kilim style for a classic design in deep red, brown and beige. It’ll add an effortlessly sophisticated touch to your kitchen, whether you’re whipping up a holiday meal or watching “Unsolved Mysteries” on your iPad while prepping breakfast.

Buy: Cambria Ruby Rug, starts at $93 (normally $109)

Credit: Ruggable

3. Berry Blue Rug 

You’ll feel like you’re eating dinner in a Victorian garden with the Berry Blue Rug, an eye-catching addition to any living room or dining space. The hand-drawn design — inky blue berry vines against a bone background — utilizes a unique cross-hatching technique, which makes the berries really pop against the faded shading on the leaves.

Buy: Berry Blue Rug, starts at $68 (normally $80)

Credit: Ruggable

4. Hudson Stripe Black Rug

If you’re a minimalist or need something simple to add depth to a small kitchen, check out the Hudson Stripe Rug. Not only is it a great neutral piece, but it’s also got more style than a basic striped rug, thanks to the varying thickness and staggered placement of the stripes, which offer a carefree, almost beachy vibe. 

Buy: Hudson Stripe Black Rug, starts at $93 (normally $109)

Credit: Ruggable

5. Patchwork Boho Rug

If your kitchen is an eclectic mix of bright bakeware, funny mugs and cute dish towels that never seem to match, then you’ll love the hippie-chic style of the Patchwork Boho Rug. It mixes florals and geometric designs in hues of pink, green and taupe for a vibrant splash of color that’ll brighten up even the smallest space.

Buy: Patchwork Boho Rug, starts at $93 (normally $109)

Credit: Ruggable

6. Prisma Slate Blue Rug

Geometric patterns are a great way to add a modern update to a space, but they can look dated if not done correctly. (No one wants a rug that looks like it belonged at The Max on “Saved by the Bell.”) But Ruggable’s done justice to the geometric pattern, offering up the Prisma with a crisp hexagon pattern in dusky, layered shades of blue and white that’ll make your dining room look fresh.

Buy: Prisma Slate Blue Rug, starts at $93 (normally $109)

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