I Tried Amazon’s Best-Selling Berry Saver — Here’s My Honest Review

updated Jun 14, 2021
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Credit: Photography: Tara Donne; Food Styling: Cyd McDowell

Berry season is the best. Bright-red strawberries, plump blueberries, and delicate raspberries and blackberries — as summer goes on, it keeps on giving. Too often, though, I’ve brought berries home and had them go bad way too quickly, leaving me very sad. Which is why I was intrigued when I saw these Rubbermaid containers on Amazon. They’re best-sellers, with more than 2,300 five-star reviews.

To be clear, they’re not just berry containers — they’re containers for all sorts of produce. Fittingly, they’re sold in lots of different sizes (4.6-, 7.2-, 11.3-, 12.7-, and 18.1-cup) for berries, mushrooms, spinach, and more. Curious, I purchased a 7.2-cup container and put it to the test — leaving some strawberries in the plastic clamshell they came in (as a control) and putting the rest into the Rubbermaid container. I put them in the fridge and checked on them every day. Here’s how it went.

Credit: Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm

After just two days in the fridge, some of the berries in the plastic clamshell had mold on them. However, I’m happy to report after five days none of the strawberries in the Rubbermaid container were moldy or even looked like they were beginning to go bad.

This is because the Rubbermaid container has an elevated base so more air flows around the fruit and, as the product’s listing says, “the built-in FreshVent filter in these Rubbermaid containers regulates the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide to create the optimal environment for your fresh produce.” And, no, you never have to replace the filter!

But, it’s not just me who’s a convert! Here’s what other five-star Amazon reviews had to say about these containers.

“I will never toss strawberries or mushrooms or hopefully any other produce again. I just used mushrooms from last Friday’s grocery order in our Alfredo tonight (7 days later). They were fine. Normally they would be slimy and I’d have to throw them away … These containers are a game changer for real!!!!”

“I am so happy with this purchase. Before I bought the Rubbermaid FreshWorks Saver set, nothing I did would keep my fruit fresh long enough to eat it all. I always rinse off my fruit in a bowl of vinegar and water for 30 seconds before storing it in the fridge. That helps a bit, but I still wasted money tossing fruit that went bad too quickly. Then I found these produce containers and they took care of the problem. The containers helped extend the life of fragile berries from 1 or 2 measly days to 3 to 5 days so I could enjoy them longer.”

“I wish all my storage containers were like these. I bought kale and baby spinach at the farmers market and put them in these new containers. A solid week later they are still as fresh as the day I bought them. I’ve been tired of wasting money having to throw fresh produce away because I can’t use it immediately.”

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