Roundup: Our Favorite Reheating Tips

Roundup: Our Favorite Reheating Tips

Kristen Lubbe
Feb 22, 2010

Due to the recent passing of a family member, we have been away from home and staying at a relative's house. We've been the designated cook and it has varied between easy and somewhat confusing. We're in someone else's kitchen and we're cooking for different people each day.

There has been an influx of visitors to the home baring gifts — loads and loads of food! We're extremely thankful for all of this food, but it presents a situation we aren't too familiar with — reheating the food.

We're very busy making arrangements and we want to prepare lunch and dinner as quickly as possible. There's fried chicken, rice and beans, roasted turkey, crab soup and a few side items. Not everyone knows how to reheat food, especially for a group of people. I'm used to cooking for two, and we rarely have left overs.

Luckily, all of the food that has been brought over was provided to us in aluminum trays that we can put right in the oven for reheating. This has worked out great for the chicken, and we've been spooning the rice and beans onto plates and popping them into the microwave. We've been pouring the soup into a pot and heating it on the stove &mdash adding fresh veggies as we go.

This got us thinking and we rounded up our favorite reheating how to's:

&bull How Do You Reheat Rice?
&bull Good Question: How Should I Reheat Chicken Wraps?
&bull Good Question: How Should I Reheat Without a Microwave?
&bull Tip: How to Keep Mashed Potatoes Warm (Or Re-Heat Ones You Made Ahead of Time)

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How Do You Reheat?

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