Lamps and Wing Chairs: Living Room Details in the Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve all uttered some variation of the phrase, “I practically live in my kitchen,” or, “When guests are over, everyone ends up in the kitchen.” Which is why we love seeing accents that you’d usually find in a living room—unique things that have more personality than our normal accessories (i.e. the standing mixer on our countertop).

We think an antique lamp or an upholstered chair makes the kitchen feel so much more comfortable. (If we had room, that is.) And living room accessories also tone down some of the sterility a kitchen can so often have. Even curtains make a difference—something soft amidst all the hard surfaces.

What do you think? Do you like the look of an oil painting or a sophisticated wallpaper in the kitchen? Or is clean, crisp, and all-surfaces-washable more your style?

1. Lamp, dresser, and chandelier in a homey Dallas kitchen. This room is from Jesse’s Tuned In Space, the winner of last year’s Fall Colors Contest. We were first drawn to the lamp (because we love a great lamp on the kitchen counter), but the chest is also genius, if you have a traditional style and want extra storage.

2. Big, upholstered wing chairs. We’ve started noticing more and more kitchens with a long dining table right in the middle of the room, flanking the cooking and prepping counter. This photo is from decorator Windsor Smith’s kitchen. You need a bit of room to pull this off, but how nice would it be for someone to sit there and chat with you while you cook? From House Beautiful.

3. A beautiful chocolate brown and framed oil paintings. When Faith posted this kitchen, we paused for a very long time. This color is an all-time favorite. And not that we don’t like bright, food-themed artwork in the kitchen, but the old-fashioned paintings in this room, plus the color, makes it feel almost like a library. Beautiful.

4. Wallpaper as an accent wall. We wonder about cleaning up splatters in a wallpapered kitchen, but still, it’s lovely. We like wallpaper in small spaces (powder rooms, closets), so it could be a great way to turn a tiny kitchen into a really bold statement.

5. More wallpaper, plus some funky storage. This kitchen also has an accent wall covered in wallpaper, but we initially noticed the big, woven baskets above the cabinets. They look like they could hold firewood! But they add some texture and character to the room; plus, it’s a good idea for using that dead space if your cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling. From Canadian House & Home.

(Images: Jesse/AT; Victoria Pearson/House Beautiful; Graham Atkins Hughes; Laura Resen/Domino; Angus Fergusson/Canadian House & Home)