The $23 Organizing Find That’ll Corral All Your Cutting Boards and Keep Them Within Reach

published Nov 30, 2023
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Kitchen counters have a way of getting cluttered easily, and it can be a serious hindrance — especially if you don’t have much counter space to begin with. It’s impossible to fit all of your small appliances, utensils, and cutting boards into your cabinets, and not to mention impractical, with how often you use them. But, not only does a crowded countertop look chaotic, it can make your cooking experience less enjoyable, with the potential of items falling over and getting in the way. Not to mention, a clear counter makes for way easier cleaning afterward.

That’s why we’re always on the lookout for ingenious organizing solutions, and Yamazaki is always one of our first stops when we want to get our countertops and cabinets into shape. We’ve been impressed by their offerings — like this two-tier dish rack — for years, and we just came across a brand new one that we can’t wait to try ourselves: the $23 Round Cutting Board Stand.

What is the Round Cutting Board Stand?

“If I were to store my cutting board flat on the counter when still damp, moisture would trap between the board and the surface, causing it to curve and warp, suddenly making it difficult to work on,” Kitchn contributor Laura warned, detailing the proper way to store a wooden board. Speaking for myself, I have a few cutting boards propped up on the counter against the wall, and while this is an acceptable way to store them, this organizer presents an even better method. 

You want air to flow around it so the board can dry properly, and this steel stand will ensure that while keeping them from rolling or sliding down the wall. It features two slots that work with either round or rectangular boards, and another one for your everyday option. It keeps the board from touching the counter or the wall entirely, which’ll also help with cleanliness.

Credit: Yamazaki

Given its recent release, there aren’t any reviews yet on Yamazaki’s website, but there is an older and slightly smaller version that has 4.5 stars from 10 reviews. “This stand is amazing and saves so much space and makes it extremely easy to grab a cutting board seamlessly and effortlessly,” one praised, with several others expressing similar sentiments. With how much more efficient and organized this stand will make your space, a $23 investment seems completely worth it. Plus, it’ll keep your cutting boards in pristine condition! It’s a win-win-win.

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