This Cake-Serving Hack Makes Cutting Round Cakes a Breeze

published Aug 22, 2022
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Credit: Grandbaby Cakes

I love ending a meal with a beautiful cake or pie. Unfortunately, though, that perfect dessert can be ruined by messy slicing techniques. And while slicing and serving cake at a dinner or birthday party may seem rather straightforward, there’s actually a way to greatly streamline the entire process.

Funfetti — the beloved boxed cake brand that has been making us smile for decades — recently shared a pretty wild cake-serving hack on their Instagram that everyone deserves to see. Not only does the hack greatly simplify cutting and serving slices of cakes, but it also offers quite an epic presentation. 

The Reel begins by cutting a circle in the center of a beautiful pink party cake. Then, the cake is cut into 1-inch pieces around the resulting outer ring of the circle. After those pieces are cut and served, the center circle itself is cut into 8 small triangle slices. And boom! Mess-free, nicely presented slices of cake for everyone at the party!

This hack makes cutting equally sized slices of cake more simple, plus it’s also a good way to make sure both frosting-lovers and cake-lovers get what they most want. You’ll be able to create smaller portions, which is good when trying to stretch a cake for a larger-than-expected crowd or if you’re just aiming for party-sized slices for carrying around while chatting at a gathering.

A benefit of creating smaller, bite-sized pieces of cake is that it makes it possible for guests to go back for seconds. Now that’s my kind of party!