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This $6 Grilling Cheese from Aldi Is an Unexpected Summer Cookout Hero

published Jun 2, 2022
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Credit: Stephanie Ganz

When it comes to summer cookouts, there are certain go-to staples I turn to: hamburgers and hotdogs, maybe some sausages or favorite summer veggies. But cheese? It’s not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of grill-ables (unless it’s on top of a hamburger). But now, thanks to a recent Aldi find, I’m here to argue that grill-able cheese should be at the top of your summer cookout list.

The one that’s become a recent staple in my house just so happens to be featured in this month’s Aldi Finds. It’s a delicious, herb-marinated (pre-sliced!) cheese that was made for grilling. It says so right in the name!

Credit: Stephanie Ganz

Rougette Bon·Fire Marinated Grilling Cheese, $5.99 for 6.4 ounces

Impressively combining a toasty-crispy exterior and luxurious creaminess, this grilling cheese is a welcome meat-free option for the grill. The cheese is less salty than feta and even softer in terms of texture, making it even more pasta-friendly. It’s also versatile enough to cube up and toss in salads or add to sandwiches right out of the pack.

The cheese comes marinated in a mix of herbs and oil on a little metal tray that can go right in the oven. Usually I avoid pre-seasoned products, but the blend of herbs and spices here is pretty tame, meaning I’m still able to put my own spin on things without competing with other flavors. And spin it I did!

3 Ways to Cook Rougette Bon·Fire Marinated Grilling Cheese

For my first go with this cheese, I kept it simple, broiling it in its tray in my toaster oven with a few halved cherry tomatoes, garnishing with fresh basil, and serving with crackers for a warm caprese-esque dip that disappeared shortly after it hit the table. 

Next, it was onto the grill. Unlike a sturdier cheese like halloumi, Rougette’s grilling cheese should stay in the pan, so I did just that, placing the pan directly on the grill and watching it bubble away. I flipped the cheese using a fish spatula halfway through to get color and texture on both sides, and after about 10 minutes, it was ready to serve with a big, bright arugula salad. 

My favorite trick so far was giving this cheese the saganaki treatment. I dredged it lightly in flour and then pan-fried it before flambéing with a dash of ouzo and serving with a few lemon wedges and an enthusiastic, “Opa!” While saganaki is usually made with a semi-firm Greek cheese like graviera or kefalotyri, this cheese works equally as well and I’m more likely to have it on hand. 

It retails for $5.99 at Aldi and with a relatively long shelf life, I’ll be keeping a few packs in the fridge all summer.

Do you have a favorite Aldi cheese? Tell us in the comments below.