Rosé Cider Is Going to Be the Trendiest Drink of 2018

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(Image credit: Angry Orchard)

We’re finally edging up on spring weather, and while many of us are still a couple months from picnic weather and al fresco dining, with any luck we’ll all be wearing light sweaters and eating on patios in no time. And just in time for spring, Angry Orchard, the largest cider brand, has come out with a marvelous fusion of hard cider and rosé that looks like it’s going to be the most on-trend beverage of 2018.

Hard cider is booming, and clearly rosé has been increasing in popularity at a tremendous rate over the past few years, and it hasn’t peaked yet. We’ve had rosé-flavored chips, frozen rosé, rosé lemonade, rosé in little Capri-Sun-style pouches for adults, and people still want more rosé wherever they can find it.

With two trends going as strong as cider and rosé, this marriage was bound to happen. The release of the Angry Orchard rosé cider is accompanied by similar products from fan-favorite Shacksbury and Crispin Cider Company.

Angry Orchard describes its rosé cider as having a “rosy color and floral aroma” inspired by the uber-popular rosé wine. The cider is made from six different apple varieties, including a French apple with red flesh, which gives the cider its bright pink color. It’s designed to be light, refreshing, and a little bit floral, with a dry finish.

It has an unconventional, apple-forward flavor profile, but it sounds like it will be very popular. And course it’s pink. The rosy color of rosé in a wine glass is a big part of what makes it so appealing, and it’s what’s powered the rosé trend for so long. People just love the look of millennial pink splendor in a glass.

The new rosé cider is lower in alcohol than wine, but it’s still refreshing and designed to pair well with food. It goes on sale this month in packs of six or 12, and it sounds like people are going to go absolutely nuts for it. I’m already planning on picking some up for my next party, because this sounds like the sort of thing my friends will love.

Would you try Angry Orchard’s rosé hard cider?