Room to Improve: Do You Want to Improve Your Kitchen?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We were interested in this piece in the NY Times Home & Garden section today: “Room to Improve,” where they answered a reader question on how to update his kitchen without gutting and remodeling it.

It made us wonder about our readers and your kitchens – how is your kitchen working for you and your cooking? Do you have any plans to update it soon?

Here is our favorite quote from the article, which does have some good ideas for updating your kitchen on the cheap:

The fastest and least costly way to update your kitchen is by removing clutter. “Do you really need the canister set, breadbox and all of the appliances out on the counters?” Mr. Grubb asked. “Put things away and leave out a bowl of fruit for color, a tray of oils and other beautiful bottles you cook with or use. One chic spice set and a plant is always a great way to add life to a kitchen.”

Later this month we’ll kick off the 2008 edition of our Smallest Coolest Kitchen contest. We’ll be looking for the smallest, hardest-working kitchens out there. It won’t just be about pretty design – no, these kitchens have to cook!

How is your current kitchen working for you? Are you in a rental or do you own, and either way, do you want to improve or strengthen anything in your kitchen this spring?

• Read the NY Times article: Room to Improve