Roasted Strawberries: 5 Swoon-Worthy Dessert Recipes

published May 8, 2012
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Slowly but surely, strawberries are making their way up into the markets in Seattle. And this is a very happy occurrence, indeed. I’m always torn because I love eating them raw with my morning yogurt or sliced in the afternoon as a snack, but I’ve started roasting them instead. This, my friends, opens up a whole new world.

Roasting strawberries at a high temperature draws out their natural juices and sugars, leaving the softest, sweetest berries you’ll ever taste. It’s actually a great thing to do if you have loads of strawberries that are starting to reach their prime, but no immediate plans for what to do with them.

Roasted strawberries are wonderful as is, spooned into plain yogurt in the morning, or mixed into a basic oatmeal. I’ve also been known to fold them into a simple muffin batter for special spring muffins. But when it comes right down to it, I think roasted strawberries deserve a proper place at the dessert table. Here are a few delicious places to begin:

Do you roast strawberries? What’s your favorite thing to do with them?

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