Roasted Broccoli

published Jan 1, 2024
Roasted Broccoli Recipe

Perfectly seasoned broccoli florets roasted until crisp and caramelized.


Prep5 minutes

Cook12 minutes to 15 minutes

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Overhead shot of roasted broccoli on white parchment paper, in a sheet pan.
Credit: Photo: Alex Lepe ; Food Stylist: James Park

If you’re looking for a simple side dish that works with practically every main dish, let me suggest roasted broccoli. Perfectly roasted broccoli is crisp-tender with super-flavorful caramelized bits that you’d swear were seasoned with more than just salt and pepper. The secret to serving broccoli that you want to eat every single week starts even before you slide it into the oven. Here’s how to do it.

Key Ingredients in Roasted Broccoli

  • Fresh broccoli: You’ll need 1 pound of fresh broccoli. Broccoli stems are tasty too, so make sure to peel and roast them so that nothing goes to waste.
  • Oil: Toss with olive or vegetable oil to encourage browning and to help the seasoning stick.
  • Salt and pepper: Season with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper before roasting.

How to Roast Broccoli in 3 Easy Steps

  • Heat oven and baking sheet. Place a rimmed baking sheet in the oven while it comes up to temperature. Preheating the pan helps encourage flavorful browning.
  • Prep and season broccoli. Cut broccoli into bite-sized florets, and don’t forget the stalks! Trim off the dry ends of the stalks and peel the tough outer layer to reveal the tender and tasty interior. Toss with oil, salt, and pepper.
  • Roast the broccoli. Line the hot baking sheet with a piece of parchment paper (this helps with cleanup), then arrange the broccoli in a single layer. Roast until the broccoli is crisp-tender and browned.
Credit: Photo: Alex Lepe ; Food Stylist: James Park

Do You Need to Wash Broccoli Before Roasting?

Produce — including broccoli — should always be washed under running water before preparation. This removes any dirt or bacteria that may be present on the broccoli from harvest, storage, or preparation. 

Is Roasted Broccoli Better than Boiled?

  • Roasting: Roasting is one of the best and easiest ways to add extra flavor without adding extra ingredients. Roasting broccoli helps to develop caramelized spots both where it comes in contact with the hot pan and on the crisp edges of the florets. 
  • Boiling: Boiling broccoli for a short amount of time, and then plunging it into ice water to stop the cooking process (also called blanching) is a useful technique when adding to pasta and casseroles. Boiling for an extended period of time (longer than about 2 minutes) can turn the once-bright florets a dull, olive green and bring out its bitterness.

Is Roasted Broccoli Good for You?

Roasting broccoli is a great way to keep the nutrients inside the vegetable (and not in the cooking water as can happen with boiled or blanched vegetables). Broccoli is an excellent source of vitamins C, K, and A and minerals like potassium, calcium, and iron. It is packed with antioxidants, a good source of dietary fiber, and is relatively low in carbohydrates with 4.5g of carbs per 100 grams.

Roasted Broccoli Recipe

Perfectly seasoned broccoli florets roasted until crisp and caramelized.

Prep time 5 minutes

Cook time 12 minutes to 15 minutes

Serves 4

Nutritional Info


  • 1 pound

    broccoli heads or crowns (2 to 3 medium)

  • 2 tablespoons

    canola or olive oil

  • 3/4 teaspoon

    kosher salt

  • 1/4 teaspoon

    freshly ground black pepper


  1. Arrange a rack in the middle of the oven. Place a rimmed baking sheet on the rack and heat the oven to 425°F.

  2. Cut the stalks off 1 pound broccoli. Trim off the dried ends, then peel the stalks until you reach the smooth inner flesh. Halve the stems lengthwise, then cut crosswise on a slight diagonal into 3/4-inch pieces. Cut the florets into 1- to 1 1/2-inch pieces. (If using broccoli crowns, cut into 1 to 1 1/2-inch pieces.)

  3. Place the florets and stems (about 6 cups) in a large bowl. Drizzle with 2 tablespoons canola or olive oil, season with 3/4 teaspoon kosher salt and 1/4 teaspoon black pepper, and toss to combine.

  4. Line the hot baking sheet with a piece of parchment paper if desired. Add the broccoli, spread into a single layer, and arrange cut-side down. Return the baking sheet to the oven and roast until the broccoli is crisp-tender and browned, 12 to 15 minutes.

Recipe Notes

Storage: Leftovers can be refrigerated in an airtight container for up to 4 days.