Ritz Just Brought Back the S’mores-Flavored Ritz Bits and the Internet Is Losing It

published Aug 10, 2022
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Ritz bits S'mores
Credit: Mondelēz

Growing up in the late ’90s, Ritz crackers were the perfect late-night snack or complement to some of my favorite dishes. Whether used to dip into a deliciously creamy spinach dip, add a crunchy texture to some chicken noodle soup, or eaten with a can of Cheez Wiz, the salty cracker always found a way to hit the spot.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been lucky enough to see the brand diversify its offerings with limited-edition flavors that go beyond the salty expectation of a cracker and offer a taste a little more along the sweet side of life. Ritz even released an unexpected mashup with Oreo earlier this year that earned rave reviews from fans of both iconic brands. Now, in honor of National S’mores Day on August 10 (that’s today!), they are bringing back a blast from the past that nostalgia lovers are guaranteed to appreciate: Ritz Bits S’mores. 

At the turn of the century, Ritz Bits S’mores were a pantry staple in many homes across the country. The mini sandwich combines Ritz crackers with a marshmallow and chocolate-flavored filling to replicate the taste of the campfire treat. Unfortunately for those who cleared the shelves for the snack, the Ritz Bits S’mores were discontinued with Ritz confirming so via Twitter in 2016.

Now, however, fans of the sweet and salty treat have a chance to fall in love all over again. While they won’t be hitting the shelves for you to purchase, those who follow and interact with Ritz’s official Instagram and Twitter account could snag a free pack of the limited-edition return.

All you have to do is follow @RITZCrackers on Instagram and tag a friend in the comments section of the S’mores post. Similarly, on Twitter, do the same thing under the S’mores post but be sure to add the hashtag #RITZBitsSmores.

If you’re unable to snag a box of Ritz Bits S’mores, however, be sure to check out our Ritzy S’mores Skewers recipe for a satisfying alternative