Risotto Re-Imagined: Great Alternatives to Arborio Rice

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Risotto is traditionally made with Italian arborio rice, an extra-starchy rice that translates into an extra-creamy bowl of risotto. But lately we’ve been eying some of the other grains in our cupboard with the idea of giving them a try in risotto. This may not be traditional, but we can only imagine the results will be delicious!

Really, any grain or other ingredient with a good amount of starch could be used in risotto following the exact same cooking method. Grains without as much starch could still be used, and we could whisk in some cornstarch or cream for extra thickness at the end.

• Barley
• Potatoes cut into small cubes
• Brown rice
Bulgar wheat
• Orzo pasta or any other small pasta
• Israeli cous cous
Lentils – especially brown lentils that keep their shape during cooking

What other grains or starches do you like to use in place of arborio rice?

(Image: Dana Velden)