The Tiny Change That Just Made Our Favorite Aluminum Foil Even Better

published Jun 2, 2021
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

TikTok and Instagram boast hundreds of videos devoted to showing people how to do things better, faster, and easier in their kitchens, but the best-case scenario is when the companies making the products that keep cooking spaces in working order do it for us. Such is the case with the latest innovation on the aluminum foil box from Reynolds Wrap. The company recently announced a small change that will make their box easier to keep closed.

Reynolds Wrap teeters on the edge of genericization — the brand becoming synonymous with its products, like Xerox or Kleenex — but the reason that it became such a staple of the modern kitchen is because of those tiny updates. Kitchn editors have previously gone over what makes something seemingly innocuous like the brand of kitchen foil you use so important. And it’s only been a year since we last reminded everyone to make sure to push in the end locks of their foil and plastic wrap boxes — they keep the roll in place when you go to grab the wrap. 

Credit: Courtesy of Reynolds Wrap®

But while the end locks have been around forever and we just need the occasional reminder to use them, the latest news from Reynolds Wrap is a new feature designed to make using the foil easier — and, if you’re a klutz like me, reduce the chance that you cut your fingers on the sharp edge. The redesigned box has an easy-close tab that gives you something to hold to open and close the box, and because it juts out a bit, it helps to keep your fingers farther from the jagged teeth of the cutting edge. And it means when you’re done using the roll, the box will actually stay closed instead of gaping open in the drawer or pantry — or, if you’ve been paying attention, on the side of your fridge!