The Best Reusable Grocery Bags You Can Buy For a Stress-Free Grocery Run

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As much as I may like to pretend that all reusable grocery bags are the same — and that I only really need to have as many bags as I do hands — reality doesn’t support that illusion. When I’m doing my main weekly Trader Joe’s haul, I need a boxy ripstop bag to hold everything and help me not worry about the fabric tearing or getting damaged in case of a spill. But, if I’m stopping by the farmer’s market in the summer to pick up some juicy tomatoes or ripe peaches, I need a

smaller canvas bag

Make sure you have the right bags for all your grocery and non-grocery store shopping trips by checking out our list of the 10 essential reusable bags. These come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes, and include bags with cool features such as extra storage pockets and a self-cooling one that’s ideal for frozen foods. After you get your bag situation all settled, pick up a foldable cart for big trips and grab these helpful tools that save you time in the grocery store.

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This Kate Spade bag has fold-out pouches on the inside that hold cans, sauce bottles, and, of course, wine. With a simple construction and multifunctional storage compartments, this is the closest you'll come to a one-bag-fits-all situation.

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We're not sure if this qualifies as grandmillennial chic, but it's a welcome throwback to the cloth grocery bag that you may have seen your parents or grandparents use years ago. While this tote seems designed for carrying produce (and giving it adequate air exposure), you can really use it for anything. It's also easy to wash if it evers get any sticky food residue on it.

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was $29.99

These bags have an ingenious gel liner, and if you pop them into the fridge or freezer, they'll stay cool while you're shopping. That makes them perfect for safely transporting frozen and cold foods that you really don't want heating up on the trip home. No more prematurely melted ice cream.

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This heavy-duty bag has a classic canvas look that's just as fitting at the beach as it is at the grocery store. A zipper top prevents your purchases from falling out and a small side pocket holds miscellaneous things including hand sanitizer and sunglasses.

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Uncommon Goods

This tote is both a style and a storage icon, and we love it. A central cavity holds your biggest items, while the six side pockets provide safe spots for transporting produce, eggs, wine, and other food that's susceptible to breakage. Plus, a strap on the side can carry a bouquet of flowers — a great reminder to spruce up your grocery trip with seasonal blooms.

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The only thing more frustrating than forgetting your reusable bags is getting to the checkout and realizing you don't have enough bags. This compact bag full of bags — 10, to be exact — makes sure that will never happen again. Each shopping bag packs down to fit easily in the dispenser, which has a clip for attaching it to your purse or cart to keep it handy.

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This set of bags is one you can keep in your car and rely on to carry the heaviest groceries. Each one is machine-washable and coated with a water-repellant film, so if an egg breaks or milk spills inside one, cleanup is easy. Our contributor Amy Gordon owns them and says their sturdy structure makes them a joy to use. "This shape makes it easy to pack grocery items in a thoughtful, deliberate way that ensures that everything is secure. When I fill these beauties with goodies and carry them home from the market, all of my stuff remains in place without the shifting that happens with bag-shaped bags," Amy wrote.

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Made of ripstop nylon, this collapsible bag has enough room for medium to large grocery hauls and conveniently folds down to fit in a purse, backpack, or even the back pocket of your pants (with some scrunching). It's available in a few other fun patterns and is surprisingly durable for being so lightweight.

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When you only have a few things to buy, or if you want to be able to use the same stylish bag for both your grocery items and your personal belongings, grab this one. You can choose between tons of colorful designs — and for an extra $15, you can personalize it with a leather name tag.

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Williams Sonoma

Add this oversized bag to your collection to ensure you can accommodate your biggest grocery trips. It's made from heavy-duty cotton canvas for extra durability and has vegan leather handles that are comfortable to hold. Inside, dividers create pouches and add structure to keep your groceries organized.