Retro Cool: Snoopy Sno Cone Machine

updated Sep 30, 2020
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Can you believe they’re still making these? As kids, we all thought these were the coolest and I remember being profoundly jealous of a neighbor who actually owned her own. Snow cones? Whenever she wanted them? Come on, you know you wanted one too.

If I remember correctly, these Sno Cone machines work by putting an ice cube through a slot on the roof and then turning a hand crank to shave the cube into ice. The kit comes with a handy Snoopy Ice Pusher so you can shovel the ice into your awaiting cup. Top with syrup and enjoy.

Somehow I only seem to remember that sugary end product and none of the earlier hand-cranking. Judging by many of the reviews on Amazon and elsewhere, there’s good reason for that. The hand cranking is hard work! And let’s be honest, when we were five, it was probably our parents doing the thankless cranking job.

Still, there’s a completely visceral reaction to just seeing a picture of this Sno Cone Machine, isn’t there? It’s very tempting to buy one just for the nostalgia – and maybe the occasional snow cone.

Do you have memories of this toy?

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