Responsible Adults Make Peepshi for Easter Dinner. Be a Responsible Adult.

(Image credit: Vicky Wasik)

That’s it. Forget the hot cross buns and the lemon meringue pie. This “Peepshi” from Serious Eats is the only dessert that will do on Easter.

Since freshness is so important when it comes to sushi, spring is the obvious time of year to prepare a delicious Peepshi spread at home! Serious Eats is no stranger to Peeps (they’ve even deep-fried them), but I think they’ve really outdone themselves this time. Their Peepshi à la Carte, MakiPeepshi, Rainbow Inside-Out Rolls, and Nerds Tobiko Rolls are so just clever and fun!

This short video provides a sweet taste of the wondrously quirky goodness they’ve created, but for the full effect, you have to click through to their site. The how-tos, authored by Niki Achitoff-Gray, are just too hilarious and well-written to miss!

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