Rescue Chef Danny Boome Launches Saturday on Food Network

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Danny Boome’s new show launches on Food Network on March 1.

We had a quick call with Danny Boome yesterday. He told about helping a soldier who had just returned home from Iraq cook a special dinner for his wife. Boome went to the soldier’s house and helped him serve sea bass with saffron and thyme.

“You push people’s expectations a bit. . . give people something to be proud of,” Boome said.”A lot of recipes sound more complicated than they are.”

He told us he’s a Renaissance man who likes to take risks in the kitchen. He’s driven to discover individuals’ cooking techniques and sharing them with others.

If you’ve seen the promos on Food Network or our last post about Boome, you know he worked as a hockey player and a model before he got started in the kitchen …

“I’ve always been the guy who’s been the homemaker of the team,” Boome said.

Fans of Jamie Oliver will appreciate Boome’s laid-back approach … and his British accent will probably win over a few fans too. “He’s lovely to listen to and not bad to look at either,” Kitchn reader CBenn said.

Like Jamie Oliver, Danny Boome’s cooking shows are already seen on Canadian and British TV. (By the way, fans of Jamie Oliver’s new Food Network show can now pick up a couple of his recipes here each week.)

We told Danny that many Kitchn readers say some of Food Network’s new shows are too basic. Boome promised his show will serve cooks “at every skill level.” We’ll tune in this Saturday for Danny’s Short Rib Rescue and see what we think.