This $16 Gadget Is the Best Thing About My Rental Kitchen

updated Oct 25, 2019
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As far as rental kitchens go — especially rental kitchens in New York City — mine isn’t half bad. The oven door opens all the way (the one in my last apartment didn’t! Read about it here: How I Made the World’s Tiniest, Most Awkward Kitchen Work), there’s decent storage space, and a small skylight floods the room with light during the day.

And while the kitchen did not come with a dishwasher, it did come with one little $16 gadget that I’m totally obsessed with.

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The faucet, which is totally basic just like the one in the picture at the top of this post, came with this adjustable spray head. And let me just tell you, I love it way more than I thought I would. In fact, I didn’t even think much of it when my husband and I first moved in a year ago.

After using it for more than, what feels like, 1,000 dishwashing sessions, I have become obsessed with the thing. Here’s why.

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1. It’s great for rinsing.

For starters, my sink doesn’t have a sprayer (well, it technically does, but it doesn’t work), so this rotating faucet attachment is key when it comes to rinsing down the sink at the end of the night. I can just twist the attachment around and every square inch of stainless steel can get a quick rinse. On the other hand, it also helps when I want to rinse a targeted spot (just a small colander of berries, for example) without getting everything in the sink wet. If you lust after the idea of having a sprayer, this might be a good alternative to having to swap out your sink/faucet situation.

2. It improves water pressure.

The attachment’s spray or stream options can turn our otherwise ho-hum water pressure into a powerful force that can rinse off even the most stuck-on food (read: It’s not a big deal if we want to watch one more show on Hulu before we clean up the dishes from dinner).

3. It minimizes water splatter.

Out of curiosity, I took the attachment off one night and washed some dishes — only to get water everywhere. With the attachment back in place, the water stream is closer to the sink basin and splatters are minimized. Bonus: I can now also say it’s super easy to install!

If we ever move apartments again, I will definitely be buying one for our new place. It actually does make my life a lot easier and I’m shocked at how happy I am to have it, which just goes to show that it really is the little things in life, right?

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