Rental Kitchen Renovation: How Far Would You Go?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Are you in a long-term rental? Does your kitchen need some help? Do you ever dream about painting the walls or the cabinets, replacing the countertop, or changing out the linoleum? How far would you (or have you!) gone to fix up a rental kitchen?

Maxwell and Sara Kate famously renovated their own previous rental kitchen, a tiny galley (pictured above, post-renovation) that was transformed into a far more beautiful and functional space. But that was in New York City, where long-term rentals are common, and it often makes sense to strike a bargain with your landlord and take over more responsibility for your own living space.

This is also common in Europe, where often rental apartment kitchens come with nothing in the kitchen; in Amsterdam some friends had to bring in a new sink, fixtures, cabinets, and lighting to get their kitchen set up.

We are also in a long-term rental and thinking about some major upgrades. Some are portable and will come with us if we move: a new fridge, for instance. Others are inexpensive (new paint).

Our real yearning, though, is for a new countertop and perhaps some changes to the cupboards. Have you ever made changes on that level to a rental kitchen? What did you do, and was it worth it?