Before & After: This Is One of the Best Kitchen and Dining Room Remodels of All Time

updated Sep 27, 2019
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You don’t put a bold headline like the one on this post unless you really mean it, but this house’s transformation is truly worthy of such a strong statement. Cali Gabrielle is currently the Sales Director at the Civic Theater in New Orleans, but she must also be a magician, because she made an ugly old house turn into an absolutely stunning home. The renovation she undertook on this extremely dated house is nothing short of magical.

Built in 1916, when Cali and her then-boyfriend first toured the space, there was no evidence of the house’s stately architectural past. Drop ceilings (like the ones you might see in an office building) made the rooms feel cramped.

Dark wood paneling made every wall feel like the 1970s. The fireplace was less of an architectural feature and more like a heavy brick and panel column. The light fixtures harkened back to the 1980s.

The floors were… okay? But definitely not great. And that shag carpeting would have to go.

“Uncovering the history and charm of this house built in 1916 and watching my designs come to life has been incredibly rewarding,” Cali says.

Cali wants to make sure that much of the credit of the remodel go to her ex-boyfriend. He did much of the renovation work himself, with the help of his brother (helping make the project affordable for the budget) and Cali says he was instrumental in bringing her design ideas to life.

Though a lot of the renovation work was removing the dated materials covering up all the historic charm, the house’s layout was also much improved.

The house started as a double shotgun (each side a unit comprised of a long row of rooms), but Cali chose to open up the entire house.

The front of the structure became an open and airy living and dining area.

Cali explained that a renovation of this size is tough due to all the possible design directions you can go in. But the very biggest challenge was “doing a major renovation on a budget and finding affordable versions of the expensive pieces I fell in love with,” she writes.

Thanks Cali! See all of her amazing transformed New Orleans home in her house tour.

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