Rene & Jerry’s Sensationally Smart Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Rene and Jerry purchased this Victorian Mansard home in Jamaica Plains and they hit the jackpot. The previous owners took the time to convert this once multi-unit building back to its single family home glory. Though the kitchen has been renovated, it still stays true to the integrity of the home.

Staying true to the integrity of a home during the renovation process is not always easy, in fact, it’s usually pretty difficult. Rene and Jerry’s kitchen is traditional with modern touches that truly stand out. We first noticed the subtle and delicate color palette &mdash there’s nothing more delicious than a pale green with black and chrome accents. The colors add a vintage and comfortable touch to this sensationally smart kitchen.

The country style sink is one of our favorites and it matches the black countertops perfectly and picks up the black from the vintage style stools. Looking at the stove and range hood immediately makes us want to jump up and start whipping something up in the kitchen. The subway tiled backsplash is also a great addition, it’s subtle, stylish and necessary. And isn’t that the point &mdash kitchens should make you want to stop everything and cook!

The floors were restored back to their original condition and are so great. They’re the perfect combination of rustic and classic. the addition of the long, narrow rug helps to tie the whole room together.

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(Images: Kyle Freeman)