Relax: Advice for Perfectly Poached Eggs

We know, we know. There’s no lack of egg talk on The Kitchn. But for all the talk on different methods for cooking eggs, videos on reaching egg perfection, and recipes featuring eggs, it’s always nice to have someone step back and say: just chill out, y’all.

Well that’s exactly what happened in Whitney Chen’s piece on poaching eggs for Gilt Taste last week. Sure people fear poaching eggs and often leave it to restaurants to tackle, but Chen outlines five easy steps to help anyone nail the perfect poached egg. Each and every time.

She discusses finding the perfect pot (4″ deep and 10″ wide), using fresh eggs, getting your vinegar-spiked water to a delicate simmer, and making a tornado for the eggs while in the water. But my favorite piece of advice: Don’t freak out; let the egg and water do their thing. I think this should be formally added to the steps on reaching a perfectly poached egg.

Sure there are specific techniques, just like any good kitchen skill. But sometimes I feel like there’s a balance between knowing all of the correct information and having the confidence to just go for it, without looking back. There’s only so much we can read about poaching eggs before we just step up to the plate and do it, yes? I’m of the mindset that there are enough things to worry about and obsess over in life. For me, perfect eggs aren’t going to be one of them (said with the caveat that I do poach a mean one).

(Image: Megan Gordon)

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